Sharepoint Solutions

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

With Microsoft SharePoint as your business collaboration platform, you will empower your people to work together more successfully and intelligently. Your employees will be able to use an extensive array of tools to help them share their organizational knowledge and personal expertise with others. Plus, your organization will have the ability to manage its security levels and usage policies.


  • – Create Project Websites.
    Self-service portals let your teams create online workspaces tailored to your organization’s needs.
  • – Manage Document Revisions.
    Document libraries with enforced policies prevent the ambiguity of multiple email versions.
  • – Enforce Branding through Document Templates.
    Creating documents from templates will ensure that your team uses the best and most recent version.

Business Intelligence

  • – One Dashboard for Multiple Line-of-Business Applications.
    SharePoint connects to any major Line-of-Business application to allow key metrics to be displayed together.
  • – Provide Knowledge to the Entire Organization.
    With the proper security, SharePoint web portals provide knowledge captured in one area of the organization to the rest of the team.

Enterprise Search

  • – Use MSN Live Search for Your Business.
    SharePoint’s search capabilities give you the features and indexing of major internet search engines, but is focused on returning your company’s internal documents.
  • – Retrieve Results from Multiple Sources.
    Results can be returned to one place from any number of web sites (even your competitors’!), shared file drives and even line-of-business applications.
  • – Work with a Secure System.
    The search capabilities in SharePoint will inherit your Windows security policy so that items will only appear in search results if the viewer has access.


  • – Act on Changing Information.
    When items are added or changed in lists throughout SharePoint, an industry-standard rules engine will route the items throughout the organization, and even gather feedback or approval.
  • – Enforce a Process.
    An automatic process that is easy to use enforces productivity and organization.


We can develop the following solutions on sharepoint:

  • – Enterprise Content Management
  • – Enterprise Risk Management Systems
  • – Intranet Portals
  • – Business Intelligence Systems
  • – Enterprise Document Management
  • – Sharepoint powered websites.
  • – HR Management Systems.
  • – Facilities Management Systems
  • – Project Management Portal
  • – Customer Relationship Management System

SharePoint Branding:

Our branding services include :
  • UX Design.
  • UI Design.
  • PSD to Sharepoint conversion.
  • Responsive web design.

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